Paraguay Open Studio
Paraguay Proyect

Collective exhibition
Barcelona, Spain
Julio 2023


ESP. Paraguay Project es un espacio creativo en C/ Paraguai, Barcelona, España. Actualmente es compartido por las creadoras que organizan este open studio. El espacio solía ser un depósito mayorista de accesorios y se convirtió en un espacio de creación.

ING. Paraguay Project is a creative space in C/ Paraguai, Barcelona, Spain. It is currently shared by the creators who organise this open studio. The space used to be a wholesale warehouse for accessories and became a creative space.

Lo que importa es la piel
Praxis Galery
Curated by Vic Tolomei

Collective exhibition
CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 2022

ESP. Fragmento del texto que acompaña la muestra, por Melisa Boratyn:

“Las obras aquí presentes pertenecen a un grupo de artistas responsables de crear un imaginario colectivo (pero no por eso objetivo) que plagado de simbolismos, creencias, anhelos y críticas, analiza nuestro presente”

ING. Excerpt from the show text written by Melisa Boratyn:

"The works presented here belong to a group of artists responsible for creating a collective (but not for that reason objective) imaginary that plagued with symbolisms, beliefs, longings and criticisms, analyzes our present" 


FRAGIL, solo show
Curated by Vic Tolomei

Analog photographs belonging to the series; Fiebre
CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
April 2022


Between the ages of five and six I suffered many episodes of very high fever, my temperature would rise at night while I slept and I would start to become delirious. The recurring images of these hallucinations were colors that would emerge from under my bed, crawl up the wall to the ceiling and when they were about to fall on me like a thick ball of paint, I would wake up to call my mother.

The pieces that make up this exhibition were born here and ended up representing many experiences of my childhood in Rufino.

The foggy road at dawn, the water ice creams with 'vale otro' winning sticks that one summer wouldn't stop coming out, the sunset in summer, in autumn, in winter and spring, the white frosts, the pure black sky, the field that was once covered with water, the little shells of wounds and scratches all over my body as a result of some brilliant idea.

FRAGIL is a personal collection of concrete details of my life represented in each of these works.

Fiesta del Puente
Curated by Jimena Travaglio and Martín Kazanietz

Collective exhibition
Viedma, Río Negro, Argentina 
December 2021

Info: @fiestadelpuente